AK Co. Intro, its pretty long.

Hi hello,

I guess I should go right into what this blog is going to be about. At this point I'm not really sure, but I feel like the best time to start is when things are slightly unsure and just dive right in. Mostly today this will be about my version of the story of the brand and how it started the idea, the inspiration the desire to create something I wanted to see people living.
I don't have an exact point to start from, but I don't feel like that's important right now. I can always Quentin Tarantino this and move forward and back as I wish, and I'll just explain it as I go.

9:59 PM

So let me paint the scene for you, I'm in Baghdad inside the American Embassy. I'm living in a steal connex box (its like the box container you see trains hauling) sharing a bathroom, with a little mini fridge and an LG TV to the top left shelf. It's turned off. I'm off shift right now, dressed like I'm to go on a jog at 4 AM because this AC is blasting. Have a little music playing on my phone in the background, the album I’m listening too is called “Moment of Truth," so I'm just sitting here and thinking, and I figured, I might as well put my thoughts into action form and get these words out.

Now you have a general idea of what I'm doing at this exact moment and where I'm at. Now let's get right to it. AK Company, or also known as “All Knowledge Company”. First off let's get this right out of the way AK are my initials, that actually was not done on purpose I know it seem like it, that it was planned now that you know those are my initials, but no, no no no no no. Too many No’s? Now, you really wont believe me.

In fact my name Aurelius in Latin it means Golden, what my last name means I don't know. A K brand what does stands for? What it means? What its mission is? Well, let's start with what it stands for, All Knowledge, it's a pursuit of life, the best life you can possibly live, the journey that is this life, for me to sum its stance on what is, is very difficult just with a few paragraphs. This thing is a little bit of me, its a little bit of you too, I mean there are various parts that reflect the positives and negatives I have walked through.
Since I have walked through them I know so have you. I know you have cause we live on this same damn planet, enough said, I know it might be a little too deep for a clothing line message, but I mean I don't think so, well let me rephrase I fear that it might be but I have hope that it isn't too too deep for the people. Solely the foundation of the brand is a passion for life for each individual is responsible for seeking out their own passions their own dreams and Later switch out the word dreams for goals when they get the courage to do so.

It seems what I really want to say is that you must lust for life, you the individual just like me are looking for the rapture of being alive, there is very beautifully delicious, and amazing, and painful, and beautiful, and intense thing with these experiences and emotions that cultivate a feeling of being alive and as a brand that's what we stand for, ha ha it makes me laugh when I say we because this is really me. I don't know if others really could wrap their heads around something like that, but I hope.

Comment, talk shit, leave anunusually cruel comment...If its your style. Its all good here, ya dig?

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