A Man’s Guide to Wearing Vintage T-Shirts

Every man with a savvy sense of style has a skeleton—or quite a few—hiding in his closet…in the form of graphic tees! Reminiscent of our days back in high school when tee shirts with band logos and “cool” phrases were all the rage, graphic tees have been an apple of discord in the men’s fashion world for years now.

Well, if you’re one of those men with a stash of graphic tees at the back of your closet that you only pull out in the safety of your own home, we’ve got great news for you! Vintage tee shirts are all the rage again fueled by the emergence of band merch as a viable source of income for many artists!

It’s time to get those vintage tees out of their dungeon and rock them…with a few fashion rules, of course!

BE a fan of the band on your shirt

The quickest way to look like a pretentious fool is by wearing a band t-shirt for a band you don’t even know! If you want to incorporate the band groupie look into your wardrobe, go for a band whose music you actually know and like. Doing so will make for some great conversation starters with fellow fans!

The Rocker

Checks are all the rage for the autumn/winter 2018 trends for men! Pair your favorite checkered shirt with a band t-shirt and skinny fit jeans in a neutral color like black or blue and throw on some sneakers for a classic rocker look reminiscent of the good ol’ days.

Dressed down casual

Pair formal dress pants with a vintage t-shirt and denim jacket for a mixed casual look perfect for casual Saturdays. We can almost hear you thinking, “Dress pants with a t-shirt? This person must be off their rocker!” We know, we know. This look shouldn’t work…but it does! Trust us on this one.

Splash of Color

If you’re planning on wearing a graphic tee with a bunch of loud colors, it helps to keep the rest of the look minimal to avoid the dreaded college frat boy look. Either couple your graphic tee with a daring all-white outfit like Justin Theroux here, or a pair of lived-in shorts and old school vans for a more casual look.

Businessman off-duty

Black jeans, a dark colored blazer and minimalist sneakers paired with a vintage tee give your standard outfit more of a stylish rocker edge. This is a look that is equal parts casual and semi-formal; you can even wear it to date night!

Man’s Guide to Wearing Vintage T-Shirts

Street style

Probably the style where the vintage tee thrives most, the street style is home to casual looks like sweatpants and sneakers with a tee shirt for a comfy, trendy look. The trick to making this look work is by pairing a set of well-fitting sweatpants with a vintage t-shirt along with a shirt that’s just a bit looser than the rest of your clothes.

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