All Knowledge, spread the message.

Fashion and style, I love it, each person putting together what they feel represents them with outer layers made up of cotton. These days anyone can make a t-shirt and throw something trendy on it and there you have it.

All Knowledge is something different, I have been creating it truly just for me, something with a bit more depth then what I was seeing at the time with a driven message that is to #seekrisklive a bit more then trying the new pumpkin spice latte, “They are good” but for each individual it will be different and that’s your journey to come to the realization of what that may be.

This wearable message is like an banner or flag you would carry into battle or your own public announcement of the journey we are all on. I let everyone know, I am here to “Seek Knowledge & Grow Strong” If this vibes with you and you can feel it, then I would suggest checking out my website for goods and or upcoming blog post and such.

To me the message is more important then the clothes, the culture, the feel, the values. I wear message. I will end it with this. There are alot of unknowns out there, and in the spirit of life, I believe the answers are worth the risk. That is the culture of All Knowledge, for we all are “All Knowledge, cause we are all on our own personal journey.”