7 years old I knew what I wanted...

To be authentic, genuine, and truthful as message that All Knowledge Collective represents and lives up to. A mixture of poetry and philosophy to balance out the warrior inside of us all.

Being a martial artist since the age of 7. I dove deep into it, I watched all the movies I could find, history of martial arts, where it came from how they branched out and turned into different disciplines as time moved forward.

I could not read very well and had an awful time spelling words in school. It always was a struggle for me there. This story matters in the vision because you need to know who I am a bit and where I came from.

Now imagine me, 7 years old looking into the tv pretty close. Watching and mimicking Bruce Lee, or Jackie Chan, or Chuck Norris, Samo Hung, Van Dam, I was like having full blown combat scenes in the living room and you were lucky if you didn’t get the mantas style strike in your leg as you walked passed me to the kitchen in our tiny apartment.

It was later that I was exposed to meditation through a documentary called “the Deadliest Art” when the co-host mentioned I could almost have super human like ability’s like the martial artist that where playing these roles. I was so eager to start I begged my dad for a while. It was only after sometime of this, and then striking a deal with my dad that I would go everyday, which to me was like “Duh, of course I am going everyday” I said all this in my head, and I did so in Lithuanian, and I sure as shit, never spoke to my Dad by saying words like “Duh” I am not trying to get picked up by my ear and carried to my room like that. Also understand I am 7 years old and it is 1990 so TV is all you have and VHS tapes and blockbuster and Hollywood video was the Friday delight, I would get the most foreign martial arts fills I could find, which drove my dad and mom nuts.

I feel this is enough for now. I’ll pick it from where I left off here next post. Perhaps in a video…