Making Lemonade, Lemonade.

We hunger for life’s thrills.
Typography by AKC

All Knowledge Clothing also is known as (AKC) we give an honest effort to create visuals in a simple & heavy style, and by "we" I mean me, a one-man show doing it all with the help from friends and family I might not mention often, but personally I try to thank them every day.  Here and now though usually, our visual looks are not so citrusy creatively, now we feel people are thirsty to express ourselves. we feel it, so if we feel it, others out there feel it too. To sum this up in a mathematical way our equation is (People + Creativity = Thrill to live) now multiply that by the time we have on this planet and we might be on to something and that there is all I am trying to say here. Seek out life's thrills. Even when life gives you a stock photo of a lemon, that's we meaning us making lemonade.  That's what AKC means to me today. 



Making visual lemonade, is basically doing more with less. It is tasty too.

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