Monday Mornings

I am up, routine? Fallows the daily functions of the human body, then I focus on the mind. 

Mind : A practice I started 3 years ago, I adopted it from the book “The Artists Way” the practice is called “morning pages”• 

 - Morning Pages -

You sit and write and fill every line possible of one full page front and back with everything and anything you are thinking, then after it is done. You throw it away. You don’t not keep it or even look back to reread it, at least you are not supposed as I remember it.   


Purpose : 

To clear your mind of anything that could hinder your capacity to be more creative and or remove any speed bumps created on the creativity super highway.  


- Observations -  

The attachment you get to the page is strange, it’s like now that these thoughts are on paper, you identify the paper with all the text on it as a part of you, but now you must toss it. There is a resistance to throwing it away, much of it is clutter, random worries about work, income, relationship, love, growth, some are just question I ask myself • Sometimes it’s emotional and angry or sad, happy or optimistic and then doom and gloom the next week • It is never the less an interstellar inventor of your thoughts maybe right as you wake. Where does your mind go the moment your eyes open?


There is no time limit depends on the day though, sometimes one full page isn’t enough, other days im writing one word over and over again, yup for a full page front and back. It’s looks a bit crazy when you get one of those days. Something about it makes you feel litghter, a release, a bit more free after it. 


If you are interested check out “The Artists Way”  

Check her website, I think it’s great for creative people. Since we are all creative in our own fashion, then I would suggest everyone should take a look. Enjoy and have a great Monday.