Retro as we know it.

I have been getting slightly obsessed with these old retro brand logos/designs, and clothing ads as well as movies. They just speak maybe more like scream to me lately, not really sure why, just really dig that style right now. Specifically 60's - 80's is just got a hold of me, maybe even a strangle hold baby. So to the point already, not trying to right, write or left essay's on here, I crack me up on here with this blog sense of foolishness.

Check these retro photos I have had taken by a photographer in Yakima, his IG handle will be at the bottom, and so will be the models, so check that info out at the bottom of this thing.

With out further to write, right or anything else.

"Simplicity isn't over rated, it still holds power in products and design."


 - All Knowledge -

Here is a little taste of whats been going on in our photo shoots and just cool visuals to bring you different looks of the simple and stylish apparel we sell.  We are super duper fortunate to have run into very cool and professional people to bring the visuals to you. I really dig these looks and feels this photographer from Yakima, WA has captured, here is the LINK to his Instagram and give him a follow and see what he's all about.

The model in the above photos is also just amazing, basically when I am away on the other side of the planet, she comes through just in a big way, literally putting photo shoots together for AK and sending me savage photographers to work with. Also, I want to say thank you very much to the both of you! Here is the Link to the her Instagram go ahead and take a look and show her some love too.



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