Throwing It Back: Why Retro Is The New Cool

Nowhere is the phrase “what’s old is new again” as true as it is in fashion. And never before has this been true than in 2018, where we are seeing a massive resurgence of everything from fringes from the 1920s, sequins reminiscent of the disco era of the 70s, to power suits from the 1930s; leather, the ultimate look for all punk rockers circa 1970!

Prepare for the upcoming colder weather with some of the latest vintage inspired styles noticed in Fashion Week 2018 with this ultimate guide to the best in vintage autumn style:

High-Shine Leather

High-Shine Leather

If punk rock was your go-to look back in the days, this is a time for you to rejoice! Punk inspired leather clothing was all the rage at all major Fashion Weeks in 2018. Ranging from leather jackets and leather pants to the outrageously high-shine Matrix-inspired coats, it’s time to bring your inner rocker chick alive!


Plaids, checks and tartans, the unofficial symbol of the grunge movement of 1990s has made resurgence this year…but with a twist.

Where plaid clothing was usually limited to a flannel shirt, or schoolgirl pleated skirt layered over a plain or graphic tee back in the days, now it has completely taken over with floor length tweed coats, checkered tights and even full suits in the wackiest of colors (think neon yellow).



If you thought the glitter craze of 2017 was something else, you’re going to love this one! Bringing the era of sequined jackets and disco inspired clothing back from the 70s were the sequined dresses lining all catwalks at Fashion Week.

Whether you opt for a simple statement jacket or go all out with a sequined jacket, be ready to shine come autumn as gloss and shine is here to stay!

Animal Print

From Givenchy to Victoria Beckham, animal print was THE trend of the season seen on almost all major runways for autumn 2018. A nod to the Bohemian movement of the late 1960s, the classic style can be paired with minimalist everything else to avoid straying too far into costume territory.

The Wild West

A continuation from the summer of 2018 where fringes saw resurgence in the form of dresses and jackets, the cowboy boots have joined the fringe to make a fantastic leap back in time to the Wild West. Cowboy boots were prevalent throughout the season with dresses and pants alike, while fringes ranged from country inspired outfits to more flamboyant, flapper inspired outfits of the 1920s.

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